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Diversity Plays An Integral Role in How We Do Business

HealthSouth embraces diversity – it is at the core of who we are and whom we serve.  Operating in 34 states and Puerto Rico, our patients reflect the nation’s increasing diversity.  In order to provide a higher level of rehabilitative care, our employees must appreciate and understand the diversity of our patients and our communities. We seek to employ talented individuals across diverse backgrounds to ensure we realize our mission of being the inpatient rehabilitation provider of choice in every community we serve.

We are an equal opportunity employer that respects and embraces the diversity all of our employees bring to the company including age, race, sex/gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical ability and background. We provide opportunities for our employees to grow and develop and encourage their participation in an open and inclusive culture. In addition, we respect our patients, physicians, shareholders, business partners and vendors, recognizing the valuable role each of them play in our business, striving to communicate with them openly and honestly.

Diversity Strategic Agenda

As part of our company’s business objectives and priorities, we ensure to maintain an aggressive diversity agenda in the following key areas of our business:

Workforce – Attract, develop and retain a diverse talented workforce

Patients – Serve patients from diverse populations and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes

Community Partners – To partner and build relationships with diverse organizations to improve health outcomes in the communities we serve

– To work with a diverse mix of business partners and suppliers to better our patients and our communities

Culture – Cultivate an open, inclusive, and respectable work environment for all employees

Accountability – Ensure diversity and inclusion is incorporated into our day-to-day business practices at all levels within our organization

Providing Culturally Competent Care

In today’s world, an understanding and awareness of cultural differences is vital for providing the best possible healthcare. We embrace the concept of cultural diversity in providing culturally responsive patient care in the communities our hospitals serve. Through our diversity training initiatives, we consistently focus on cultural awareness and respect for cultural values and practices of our patients. We educate our employees on cultural differences so we can provide the kind of care that makes patients feel welcome and at home.

Diversity Report 2015

Learn more about our diversity program and initiatives in our 2015 Diversity Report.

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Employee Spotlight

"The work environment is stimulating and challenging without being frantic and overwhelming. A steady pace and relative autonomy give pharmacists the freedom to work with physicians for the most appropriate pharmaceutical interventions. Interactions with physical, occupational, and speech therapists allow the Healthsouth pharmacist to be an integral part of a team approach.”

Mary Arguelles, PhT
HealthSouth Pharmacy Technician
HealthSouth Reading Rehabilitation Hospital